QuickBooks Online Integration Guide

Sync Prerequisites 

A full admin user must be used to establish the initial connection; however, MineralTree users do not have to be QuickBooks users. Each QuickBooks company will sync with one MineralTree company.


Data Sync: Support and Limitations

Supported Invoice Fields

Header Level:

Vendor Name*
Invoice #
Invoice Date*
Due Date*
Invoice Amount*
AP Account*


Expense Level (multiple lines can be added): 

Account (GL)*

Item Level (multiple lines can be added): 

Cost Per*

*  Required for posting in MT. If a field is required in QBO but not MT, it’s up to the user to ensure the fields are filled.



Currently, only terms with due dates and discount dates that are functions of the invoice/bill date are supported in MineralTree. 


Closing Date

MineralTree will not allow posting or editing bills that are dated within a closed period.  If the bill has not yet been posted to QBO, the date can be modified in MineralTree.  If the bill has been posted to MineralTree, it must be deleted and remade with a current date in QBO or the closed period must be reopened and the date changed on the bill to be editable within MineralTree.



Documents attached to records in QuickBooks do not sync to MineralTree. However, MineralTree offers an unlimited amount of document storage, so users may attach an unlimited number of supporting documents to any invoice record in MineralTree.

MineralTree supports syncing of these documents from MineralTree to QuickBooks. 

Supported document types Unsupported document types
1. .txt
2. .csv
3. .rtf
4. .doc
5. .xls
6. .xlsx
7. .ods
8. .pdf
9. .jpg
10. .jpeg
11. .gif
12. .png

1. .html
2. .htm
3. .odt
4. .ppt
5. .pptx
6. .zip
7. .docx


By default, document sync from MineralTree to QuickBooks is disabled.  Once enabled, future document attachments will sync to QuickBooks; please note that this is not retroactive. Please contact Customer Support to enable document sync. 



All payments made in MineralTree will sync to QuickBooks with a payment number. The relevant bills will be marked as paid.

• Check payments are recorded with a check number in the document/check number field.
• ACH payments are recorded with “SPACH#” in the document number field.
• Credit Card payments are recorded with the "Crd#” and a sequential number.
• “Manual Check” payments are recorded with the check number assigned in the Accounting Manager in the check number field.
• “Manual Card”, and “Biller Portal” payments have “MCrd#” and “BP#” in the check number field respectively.

All payments made in QuickBooks sync to MineralTree as “Paid in accounting system.” The check #s for these payments are available in MineralTree.


Purchase Orders

QuickBooks Online users can continue to handle PO matching within their accounting system. Once a bill is generated from a PO, that bill will automatically sync to MineralTree as an invoice to be approved and paid.  



Open credits will sync from Quickbooks to MineralTree and can be applied directly in MineralTree. The credit will show on the remittance to your vendors. To learn more about applying a credit in MineralTree please see Add and Apply Credits in QuickBooks Online


Deletes and Voids 

Deletes and Voids must be done in both QuickBooks and MineralTree, and will not sync between the two systems.



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