Xero Integration Guide

Supported Invoice Fields

Header Level: 
Vendor Name*
Invoice #
Invoice Date*
Due Date*
Invoice Amount*
Paid Amount
Credits Applied
Credits Available
In-Process Payments
Remaining Amount
Total Tax Amount

Expense Level: 
Xero does not support Expenses

Item Level (multiple lines can be added): 
Cost Per*
Tax Rate
Tax Amount
Total Amount*

* Required for posting in MineralTree. If a field is required in Xero but not MineralTree, it’s up to the user to ensure the fields are filled out.



MineralTree supports syncing invoice documents from MineralTree to Xero.

Below are the formats supported by Xero that are also supported in MineralTree. 
1. .txt 
2. .csv 
3. .rtf 
4. .doc  
7. .odt 
8. .xls 
9. .xlsx 
10. .ods 
11. .pdf 
12. .jpg 
13. .jpeg 
14. .gif 
15. .png 
16. .ppt 
17. .pptx 
18. .zip

As per Xero requirements, you can upload up to 10 documents, each with a max size of 20MB per invoice.

By default, document sync from MineralTree to Xero is disabled.  Once enabled, future document attachments will sync to Xero; please note that this is not retroactive. Please contact Customer Support to enable document sync.


All payments made in MineralTree will sync to Xero with a document/check number. The relevant bills will be marked as paid.

  • Check payments are recorded with a check number in the document/check number field.
  • ACH payments are recorded with “SPACH” and a sequential number.
  • Credit Card payments are recorded with the "SPVC” or "SPCC" (depending on type of card) and a sequential number.
  • Wire payments are recorded with "SPW" and a sequential number.
  • Manual Check payments are recorded with the check number assigned in the Accounting Manager in the check number field.
  • Manual Card, and Biller Portal payments have “MCrd” and “BP” in the check number field respectively.

All payments made in Xero sync to MineralTree as “Paid in accounting system.” The check numbers for these payments are not available in MineralTree. Any credits applied in Xero sync to MineralTree as credit payments against invoices.

Purchase Orders

Automated PO Matching
To eliminate the need to manually link PO lines to invoice lines, Xero users can leverage MineralTree’s automated PO matching functionality. When this feature is enabled, PO lines are linked to invoice lines based on quantity, cost per, and description criteria and matches are determined based on a set tolerance. For more details on the automated PO match process, please see the Automated Purchase Order Matching article. 

Once a Purchase Order is fully billed, this information will be sent back to Xero when the invoice is posted and the PO in Xero will be marked as “Billed”.  However, the link between the PO and invoice will not be sent as Xero does not currently support this.

Credits and Discounts

Discounts are not supported as Xero supports sales discounts only.

Credits must be applied in Xero. Once applied, the remaining balance of the invoices they are applied to will be correctly updated. Any credits applied in Xero sync to MineralTree as credit payments against invoices.

Deletes and Voids 

Deletes and Voids will sync between MineralTree and Xero, though if a payment has started processing, it still must be canceled/voided in the appropriate way based on the payment method. See this article for more information. 

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